Maps of the Watershed

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Pictured below is a drawn representation of the Kawishiwi Watershed. For an accurate, detailed map of the watershed click on Detailed Map (PDF).

map.jpgThe Kawishiwi Watershed drains an area of 1,200 square miles which flows through various rivers and lakes before exiting at the Winton hydroelectric dam. The primary source of inflow to the White Iron Chain is from Birch Lake, the outflow of which is controlled by a dam. Other sources are the Bear Island River, draining 69 square miles into White Iron Lake and the North Kawishiwi River into Farm Lake.

During low flow conditions, i.e., less than 2,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), the elevation at the hydroelectric dam, Garden, Farm, South Farm and White Iron Lakes are an essentially flat pool elevation of 1,388 feet above sea level. Above 2,000 cfs the levels in White Iron Lake begin to increase significantly as the flow increases due mainly to the constriction at the Silver Rapids Bridge. At a flow of 16,000 cfs there was a difference in elevation of 7.4 feet between White Iron Lake and the dam at Winton.

Chain of Lakes Info

White Iron Lake

Area 3,429 acres
Maximum Depth 47 feet
Mean Depth 19.4 feet
Shoreline Length 26 miles

Farm Lake

Area 1,328 acres
Maximum Depth 56 feet
Mean Depth 30 feet (est)
Shoreline Length 16 miles

Garden Lake

Area 670 acres
Maximum Depth 55 feet
Mean Depth 20 feet (est)
Shoreline Length 13 miles


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