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Thanks to generous donations to the Larry Squillace Water Monitoring Fund, WICOLA has purchased a new sonde. A sonde is a water quality monitoring instrument that measure water temperature, conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, ph, turbidity, and depth. The WICOLA sonde allows for more efficient scheduling of water monitoring and training on our lakes. With the new sonde, all water monitoring equipment will be dedicated to use on WICOL, addressing the potential spread of AIS to our lakes through equipment used in in other lakes.

The Squillace family was delighted with WICOLA's purchase using the donations made in honor of Larry and assured us that he would be very pleased. Given the opportunity to name the sonde, Lisa and family named it BUNNY. The WICOLA Board gladly accepted the name since Larry was often referred to as the "energizer bunny" by family and friends.

After Calibration by Derrick Passe, Bunny will make his debut on our chain of lakes in May, 2014. Consider volunteering for water monitoring this summer and learn to use Bunny!

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