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Lake County Seeking Hazard Mitigation Ideas

Lake County requests residents input on the five-year update of our Hazard Mitigation Plan, through a public meeting on Tuesday, July 18 at 6pm in the Fall Lake Town Hall.

“The Hazard Mitigation Plan lists the greatest hazards to Lake County, and how we can prevent or reduce their impact to our residents,” said BJ Kohlstedt, Lake County Emergency Manager. “We use it to figure out where we can best put our time and money to be more prepared and resilient.”   

During the public meeting, recent disasters will be reviewed, along with what was done to respond and recover, and how to possibly mitigate future damages. We’ll look at changing hazard expectations due to technology and climate change, and brainstorm actions that we can take to lessen future impacts in our communities.   

Since our greatest hazard in Lake County has historically been wildfires, the Community Wildfire Protection Plan will also be reviewed during the meeting. Both plans are available on the Lake County website under Emergency Management Department / Plans at:


If you can’t make the meetings, there are two public input surveys on the website under the Hazard Mitigation Plan link. We appreciate any feedback.

“This Plan is built from public knowledge and input,” said Kohlstedt. “We need your good ideas.” 

Contact: BJ Kohlstedt, Director – Lake County Emergency Management,

218-220-7810 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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