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Removing lake plants could require a permit

Lakeshore property owners are reminded that the Minnesota DNR oversees activity on both the shoreline as well as in the water. For additional information, click on the “Educational Tab” on the WICOLA Homepage and then “Shoreline Management”.

By Minnesota DNR

Lakeshore property owners are reminded that a permit may be required to remove aquatic plants. 

“We remind folks each year that aquatic plants are essential to healthy lake ecosystems and property owners who want to remove them should check the regulations to see if they need a permit,” said Steve Enger, supervisor of the aquatic plant management program for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Aquatic plants provide food and shelter for fish, ducks and other wildlife. They stabilize the lake bottom, which helps maintain water clarity. These plants also protect shorelines from erosion by absorbing energy from waves and ice.

Property owners who want to remove aquatic plants with devices that create strong water currents need to know that such devices are illegal to use in a way that uproots plants, moves sediment or excavates the lake bottom.

Specific regulations govern what situations require permits for aquatic plant removal. Aquatic plant regulations and a guide to aquatic plants can be found on the aquatic plant regulations page, or by calling 651-296-6157 or 888-646-6367. To apply for a permit, visit the DNR’s permitting and reporting system webpage.

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