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Shoreline Management – pushing yard debris in the lake

The DNR highly discourages individuals from dumping their leaves and grass clippings into a lake, river, or wetland. In addition, this material should not be raked into the street where it can wash into the storm sewer that drains to water bodies or watercourses. Leaves and grass clippings add nutrients that use up valuable oxygen as they decompose, on which aquatic organisms in the food chain depend.

There are alternative stewardship practices for disposing of leaf and grass clippings that are more environmentally friendly. The best way to dispose of this waste is to compost it either on your land or at a designated compost site in your community.

An excellent source of information on the environmental benefits of proper leaf disposal is a DNR publication entitled "Lakescaping For Wildlife and Water Quality" available from Minnesota's Bookstore; https://mn.gov/admin/bookstore/.

Reports of pollution or littering in public waters or public waters wetlands should be referred to the local DNR conservation officer, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; https://www.pca.state.mn.us/ and county officials such as sanitarian or sheriff.

Please remember, placing items, whether fill, yard waste, garbage, etc. into public waters is a violation of both litter and public water management laws. The DNR encourages good stewardship of our water and land resources.

For additional information, resources, and links on Shoreline Management, click on the “Educational Tab” on the WICOLA Homepage and then “Shoreline Management”.

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