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Want to help Minnesota attract some Deep-Water Horizon Oil Spill" remediation" funding?

Carrol Henderson (MN DNR) has crafted & submitted a very comprehensive proposal. 

Take a few minutes to write a comment on the following National Park Service link; parkplanning.nps.gov/document.cfm?parkID=534&projectID=81144&documentID=90936

(Click on the green “Comment Now” box found in the lower left) 

Please support the full proposal as written. It includes documentation that "our" loons migrate in large numbers to the Gulf each winter.

It also includes strong citizen participation / lake associations in assisting with enhancement of loon breeding / nesting habitats. And it contains efforts to get lead sinkers out of circulation with lead poisoning as key element in loon mortality.

For more information on the National Park Service; nps.gov

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