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WICOL “Ice Out” - April 28th 2019

It has been reported to the DNR for White Iron Lake & the Entire Chain; “Ice out on April 28, 2019”.

Much of White Iron has been Ice free since the 24th with stubborn Ice remaining near Silver Rapids. White Iron Lake is not called ice free until it is clear from the Silver Rapids Bridge across to the public landing across the lake on Pine Road.

For those that may be wondering how this year compares to previous years, Ice Out for dates for previous years for WICOL are as follows;

2019    April28th

2018    May 7th

2017    April 14th

2016    April 20th

2015    April 17th

2014    May 12th

2013    May 14th

2012    March 25th

2011    April 29th

Let's go fishing, boating and canoeing while enjoying and preserving these wonderful waters we call “The White Iron Chain of Lakes”.

The following link provides some additional information from the DNR web site that reports the Earliest, Latest and Median dates that you may also find of interest.


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