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Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring Program



On September 22nd, WICOL volunteers learned new procedures to monitor for evidence of Spiny Waterflea in the White Iron Chain of Lakes.

The new monitoring will officially begin when the waters open up in 2018. The monitoring teams will test our waters EVERY 2 Weeks from May thru October. The procedures are extensive and require 10 drops of the net at 10 different locations, measuring how deep each drop of the net, for each lake monitored.

What is the purpose behind implementing this new Spiny Waterflea monitoring program? Lakes around our chain have Spiny Waterflea.  While there is no known way to eradicate, we want to monitor to assure they are NOT in our lake.

Remember, it might be that what you do not see may infect the waters. Make sure you CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY before launching your boat into the White Iron Chain of Lakes and that you decontaminate your boat each and every time when moving from area lake-to-lake. We need your help to insure that the waters of this chain of lakes remains clean and pure forever.

The methods for preventing the spread of AIS are simple and do not take much time. These invasive plants and animals “hitch a ride” on our boats, trailers, jet skis, fishing gear, and other recreational gear. Anglers, boaters, and other watercraft users MUST TAKE ACTION to prevent the spread of invasive species into the White Iron Chain. Cleaning your equipment properly is the best preventative measure for stopping the spread of AIS.

The simple solution is: CLEAN, DRAIN, DRY all watercraft and equipment every time before transporting.

  • CLEAN watercraft, trailer, motor and equipment. REMOVE ALL visible aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other animals and mud before leaving any water access.
  • DRAIN water from the boat, bilge, motor, and livewell by removing the drain plug and opening all water draining devices away from the boat ramp.
  • DRY everything at least 5 days before going to other waters, or SPRAY / RINSE your equipment with high pressure and/or hot water (120oF/50oC or higher)

Minnesota state law requires such preventive measures.

For additional information, resources, and links on AIS, click on the “Educational Tab” on the WICOLA Homepage and then “Aquatic Invasive Species”.

Spread the word, not the species!

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