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Water Quality & Shoreline Management

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton was in Ely, on the edge of the some of the state's most pristine waters, on Tuesday September 13th for one of ten Water Quality Town Hall meetings held across the state in recent weeks.

At the event, Dan Schutte, district manager of the Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District, encouraged people to protect what they have and not take clean water or granted. He especially urged people to maintain healthy, native vegetation near waterways, saying denuded shoreline is among the most pressing reasons waters become degraded.

Schutte also urged forest management that focuses on protecting watersheds, saying active forest management is needed to maintain nature's filter system. He noted invasive buckthorn has moved to within a few miles of the BWCAW, threatening the forest ecosystem of the lake-studded wilderness and the water quality of the wilderness lakes.

"What you see in the water is a direct reflection of what's going on the land," Schutte said.

Your shoreline is part of a larger community and ecosystem. Individual choices by many have cumulative impacts on a lake and its ecosystem. Your actions can restore or degrade the quality of the ecosystem. Restoring or improving your lakeshore to a more natural condition is important, even if your neighbors are not restoring theirs, because it can help wildlife habitat, water quality, and fish.

For a list of Native Plants for your shoreline and property, visit;

For additional information, resources, and links on Shoreline Management, click on the “Educational Tab” on the WICOLA Homepage and then “Shoreline Management”.

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