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White Iron Chain Of Lakes Association

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WICOLA Annual Meeting

Like every organization, WICOLA must make changes dealing with the COVID-19 situation.  The annual meeting and elections are one of those changes.  The WICOLA board sent out a poll to our members outlining five options ranging from business as usual, abbreviation meetings, to no meeting.  Many of you responded and provided our board with your thoughts.  We appreciate your input. 

Your WICOLA board decided we will hold our August 6th Annual Meeting using an online or phone call-in format.  You can call in by phone or log in on-line.  Handouts will be available to download before the meeting.  Our speaker, Dr. Euan Reavie, Senior Research Associate, will be providing a program online for the meeting.  Elections will be held by mail.  The following form is like what we will used for elections.  We will soon be providing more information on how to log on by phone, internet, and to download exhibits and handouts.  We will send out more information closer to the August 6th date.   Voting Proxies will be sent out by U.S. Mail.

Sample Proxy and if you have not paid your membership do so now so you can vote.

WICOLA Proxy – one vote per membership (household).


___ Jeff Pike      ___ Other (write-in):

Vice President

___ Other (write-in): 

Garden Lake Representative

___ Sarah Kingston   ___ Other (write-in):

West White Iron Lake Representative

___ Other (write-in): 

I am a current WICOLA member with paid for membership for 2020 and have the authority to vote.


Signature ______________________________     Date _________________

Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mail to WICOLA P.O. Box 493; Ely, MN  55731


Nominations – Want to be more involved in WICOLA?

We are always looking for help with the many things at WICOLA.  We Nominating Committee is looking for members to fill the Vice President and one of the White Iron Lake Representative positions.  If you think you may be interested, please contact any of our board members and they will be happy to discuss the position and their experiences.  Also, if you want to be involved in other positions let us know.

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